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Centralis Home Care Services in Sydney

Our Services

Centralis Home Care offer a range of service from a minimum of 60 minutes to a 24/7 day a week live in service providing round the clock support and reassurance. All are designed to support the individual to be able to live in their own home for as long as possible and to complement the daily tasks they are finding difficult to maintain.

Meal Preparation

Experience the convenience of having your meals freshly prepared to match your dietary and nutritional requirements. Alternatively, engage us to support preparing ready made meals. Our staff can also assist with feeding including thickened fluids for those with swallowing difficulties 

Centralis Home Care | Food Preparation

Personal Care

Engage us to support you with your personal care requirements. We can support bathing, showering and bed bathing whilst respecting and maintaining your dignity. In addition we can also support oral hygiene and incontinence care.

Centralis Home Care | Personal Care

Domestic Cleaning Assistance

We can support or complement your domestic cleaning requirements. We can attend to all your requirements or just those that you experience the most difficulty with. Assistance with laundering, changing beds and sorting through fridge and pantry contents can also be supported.

Centralis Home Care | Domestic Cleaning Assistance


Our in-home Carer Respite Support service will provide you, the carer, with the time out you deserve whilst also providing you reassurance that is so important you. A range of respite services are available dependant on your needs and the duration.

Centralis Home Care | Respite

Social Support

We can support you to maintain your social networks and supports. This may include providing support to attend social groups, engaging in the community. Alternatively, we can provide social support and interaction at home by assisting you with various hobbies and interests.

Centralis Home Care | Social Supoort


We can provide transportation and mobility support (if required) to access medical appointments, hospital surgery, shopping, funerals, education facilities, employment, etc.

Centtralis Home Care | Transportation

End of Life Care

We have an experienced team of support staff that can provide direct support to the client or supplementary support to the family. Our staff can tend to the everyday tasks of running a household and enable you to spend the final precious moments focussed on the individual.

Centralis Home Care | End of Life Care

Post Hospital Support

We provide post hospital support to assist and aid in your recovery. The duration is flexible given your recovery progress.

Centralis Home Care | Post Hospital Support

Pet Support

The company of an animal is important for wellbeing. Some tasks of pet ownership can become difficult to manage however we can provide these basics. Care for therapy animals can be offered.

Centralis Home Care | Pet Suport

Shopping Assistant

We can provide shopping support with one on one assistance or shopping from a list. We are also able to assist with internet based home delivery or a “click and collect” option. Engaging with us to assist with shopping means we will also do the heavy lifting of your shopping and pack it away for you.

Centralis Home Care | Shopping Support

Vacation Care

We can support maintain your family home whilst you are away on vacation or in hospital. Perhaps you would like the home to be freshened up before you return home, the mail collected, rubbish bins moved in / out, pot plants or gardens watered. Perhaps you have recently entered full time care and you would like someone to attend to things such as your mail, maintaining the cleanliness of your home whilst family decide upon the plan ahead. Centralis can support most requirements

Medication Reminders

We can assist provide medication reminders to a family member that may have difficulty remembering to take their medications. For some, the time that medications are taken are imperative such as people with Parkinsons / diabetes / dementia. We understand this is very important and we can ensure this regime is managed properly.

Centralis Home Care | Medication Reminders

Wellness Checks

Perhaps you have concerns for a family member that you are unable to check on. Perhaps you are busy maintaining your own immediate family or you are going away overseas or interstate. Alternatively, you may live at a distance from the person you are concerned for. Centralis Home Care can provide you with peace of mind by checking in with your family member to make sure of their wellbeing and to provide any assistance they may require in your absence.

Centralis Home Care | Wellness Checks

Live in Care (24 Hours)

A person whose wish is to remain in their own home can present care concerns as time goes on. We can provide 24 hour live in care to support the individuals wish to remain in their own home and to provide peace of mind that they are cared for safely and someone is there for when or if they require help.

Centralis Home Care | Live in Care

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